Get next year’s prices online

Some guests plan their holidays well in advance and you want to make that process as easy as possible for them (and stop them from looking elsewhere) by providing up-to-date pricing and availability for the dates they want to book. It’s pretty simple to update your pricing in SuperControl.

Copy prices

If you use PLUS or AGENCY, you can just log in to your SuperControl account and copy across your prices to the year ahead.

Go to Properties > Copy > Copy prices and select each property.


You can increase or decrease your prices by a set percentage or fixed amount, if you like. If you have a set changeover day, remember to use the Change dates feature.

To copy your short breaks, just go to Properties > Copy > Copy short breaks.

Short breaks_2016

Pricing trends

What is your pricing strategy for next year? Are your prices likely to rise or stay the same? If they are rising, is it by a set amount or a percentage increase?