Indulge your self-catering guests and earn some commission

We’re always looking for ways to help you maximise your profits from each and every booking. And one simple way of doing this is through the options and extras you offer your guests.

Food for thought

As such, you might be interested to know that we’ve recently started working with Dineindulge, which offers a unique private dining experience for guests to enjoy in their holiday accommodation.

Using SuperControl booking and management system means it’s really easy for you to set up Dineindulge as an option and extra for your guests to select at the time they place their online booking. This guide outlines the process for you.

Extra benefits

As well as offering your guests something extra, you have the potential to earn up to 10% commission on each booking as Dineinduldge offers its partners:

  • 10% commission (paid to you for any booking taking place at your venue) or
  • 5% commission for you and a 5% discount to your guests or
  • A full 10% discount to your guests.

Visit the Dineindulge website for sample menus, prices and more information. Or, contact them on 0330 111 03 61 or via