Do the groundwork now and January will be easy!

January is almost here – the peak time when we manage over a quarter more bookings than any other month of the year. SuperControl has lots of features to help you manage that influx of online bookings and enquiries. Investing time now will massively increase efficiency later; you will save time, reduce errors and fill your availability calendars.

  • Add the SuperControl enquiry form to your self-catering website. It’s easy to do; just ask your web developer to set it up. Once that’s done you won’t have to add enquiries into SuperControl manually. It reduces errors and saves time. You can tailor the enquiry form to ask your own questions. It makes it easier to manage enquiries; simply check availability, send replies and even generate a customised quote where appropriate.
  • Use Follow up reminders. You can schedule reminders to complete certain tasks, and allocate those tasks to the right colleague to complete. Nurturing enquiries leads to an increase in booking conversions. Just click on the enquiry, scroll down to Set follow-up action, select who to allocate the action to, add notes and save. Then you view and update the reminders here:Follow up enquiries
  • Review your Emails/Letters. This is where you add all of your standard letters (eg Booking confirmation, Payment reminder, Arrival information etc). Are all of the letters, SMSs and emails that you send to guests, owners and housekeepers there? If not, add them in:emails
  • Set your automated email schedule criteria. This is a favourite feature that will save you so much time. You can schedule SMSs or emails to send automatically when a criteria (set by you) has been triggered. You determine if it is sent by email or SMS, the send date, who gets a copy, and what bookings it is applied to (website bookings, third-party bookings, admin bookings)

This video shows you how to do this.

When these have been set up, your online booking system will take care of the majority of admin for you; giving you more time to concentrate on growing your business in other ways. Here’s to a very busy January!