Increase profits with every booking

We’re starting a series of blogs based on the talks delivered at SuperControl boot camp earlier this year; so to any self-catering businesses that missed out or need a catch up on the topics discussed, this series is for you!

Our first installment will cover upselling. Using your data to upsell will help you deliver the best guest experience, encourage customer loyalty and get the best return.

One of our clients took an additional £120,000 on optional extras in one year alone; and 42% of all self-catering bookings taken through SuperControl in 2016 saw guests choosing to add extras to their holidays.

Here’s how you can use SuperControl to make more from your bookings.

1. Do your research

The smart way to encourage guests to add additional services to their stay is to do your research and get to know them. What are they doing on their holidays? Do they tend to use similar local services (eg restaurants, attractions like activity centres, museums or farm shops)?

2. Send the right message at the right time

3. Create an experience

What can you offer your guests to enhance their holiday?  Food hampers, champagne and chocolates or even extra housekeeping for longer stays can tempt guests to spend a little more to receive a little luxury in return. Keep track of your options and extras – which are the most popular?

Higher value options can also work for your business and your guests. Team up with local businesses.  Ask them what discounts or commissions they can offer you. A discount for a local restaurant or spa, or a commission price for entry to a local attraction is a good start. You can provide your guests with something special at no expense to you, and promote local enterprise and your own business at the same time!

4. Encourage feedback

Guests are usually happy to provide feedback. You could enable UpFront Reviews to send review requests automatically.

If  you’re reluctant to use a review service , a quick chat with them before they leave to ask how they’ve spent their time with you is a perfect way to gather useful data! This information will help you choose the extras your guests are likely to get excited about.

The next blog in this series will look at the benefits of channel management.