Security tips to stay safe online: extra checks

The final part of our online security series is about all the extra checks you should make to ensure your online systems and accounts stay free from attack.

Extra measures

    1. 1. Ensure that your system, browser and browser plugins are up to date.
    2. 2. Make sure that antivirus software is running and signatures are current. There are various free antivirus products on the market, including Microsoft and Bit defender. So, if you don’t already have one installed, now’s the time to do it.
    3. 3. Check your WiFi settings. Make sure you use a long, complicated password.
    4. 4. Review your privacy settings in your Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social media accounts. Do not share valuable information with all users.
    5. 5. When it comes to links/downloads, you have to be really careful. Never click on any unknown links. Using your mouse, move your cursor over the link and check what is displayed on the status bar (in the bottom left corner of your window). If you’re still unsure where the link leads to, do not click on it. And, if you receive messages from a friend with suspicious attachments or requests, always call them to check they sent such a message before clicking.
    6. 6. Ensure you enforce the same high security standards across all the devices you use. If your computer is protected properly but your smartphone is not as highly protected, attackers can use your poorly secured smartphone as an easy way to gain access to your accounts and your network.

Learn more

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