The experts in our Support team show you how to get the most from your online booking system. Here’s what’s coming up.

Jackie McCamon, Customer Support Specialist at SuperControlAutomated emails

A favourite feature! Jackie shows you how to add and schedule automated emails. (23 Feb has sold out, so we’re doing an extra one).

clock30 mins. 27 Feb, 2017

Andrea Smith, Customer Support Specialist at SuperControl


Andrea shows you how to make full use of the Agents area in SuperControl.

clock30 mins. 9 Mar, 2017

Christine OswaldThe benefits of channel management

Christine discusses the benefits of channel management.

clock30 mins. 23 Mar, 2017

Upcoming webinars, watch this space!

  • Guest login
  • Changing calendar colours
  • Customise your extras/upselling tips
  • How to add custom questions to your booking and enquiry forms
  • The importance of choosing a strong password
  • Live chat
  • Handy reports, quick search tips and how to personalise your login page
  • Search variables
  • Discounts and Special offers
  • Booking Protect
  • Updating your pricesĀ for the following year
  • Booking sources
  • Short breaks: what’s the trend and how to be more flexible
  • Housekeepers: how can they use SuperControl
  • UpFront Reviews
  • Facebook
  • Vouchers and sending targeted email
  • Owner login