The experts in our Support team show you how to get the most from your online booking system. Here’s what’s coming up.

How to open up special arrival dates over the festive season


If you haven’t added your prices for Christmas and New Year yet, or you need to add in your prices for 2019, this webinar could be perfect for you. With Special pricing you can create custom arrival days without having to amend your price planner settings. It’s a really useful feature when you’re opening up different arrival dates over bank holidays and the festive season.

clock30 mins. 27 March at 10:00

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The difference between a security deposit and a refundable deposit

Tom Billings, Client Support Specialist at SuperControlTOM BILLINGS

Find out the difference between a security deposit and a refundable deposit, discover the options available to you, how to set them up in SuperControl and when to use each one.

clock30 mins. 29 March at 15:00

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Refresher course: Part 1


If you’ve been using SuperControl for a while now and would benefit from a refresher session, join Laura for this webinar. She’ll take you through getting up and running, uploading your logo and terms and conditions, property settings, setting up pricing, how to add and manage a booking and more.

clock30 mins. 3 April at 10:00

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Refresher course: Part 2

Katie Stovell, Marketing Consulatant at SuperControlKATIE STOVELL

For part 2 of the refresher course, KatieĀ will show you how SuperControl makes it easy to stay in touch with your guests, from managing enquiries to setting up automated emails, filtering your database and using mailchimp, getting feedback and encouraging your guests to leave reviews

clock30 mins. 5 April at 15:00

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Upcoming webinars, watch this space!

  • SuperControl for the accounts team.
  • Using SuperControl for sales and marketing.
  • SuperControl for managers.