The experts in our Support team show you how to get the most from your online booking system. Here’s what’s coming up.

Using your data to boost your bookings


There’s a wealth of information in your SuperControl account that can help you get more bookings. Christine will show you how to find out what booking source works the best for you, what your guests want, what they do when they stay with you, how to record returning guests and more.

clock30 mins. 24 November at 11:30

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Preparing for the ban on card payment surcharges in January

Jackie McCamon, Customer Support Specialist at SuperControlJACKIE McCAMON

January will see a ban in adding a surcharge to cover the costs of guests paying by credit or debit card. What will you do to cover the costs? There are a number of things you might do, Jackie will show you how to update your Terms and Conditions, how to add a booking fee, how to increase your prices or if you are an agency, how to increase commission costs to owners.

clock30 mins. 28 November at 14:00

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Upcoming webinars, watch this space!

  • Short breaks: what’s the trend and how to become more flexible