Flexible pricing, start dates and extras

It’s easy to get SuperControl up and running on your self-catering website. You’re the one in charge: you set your own start dates, short breaks, prices, options and extras. And you can change these at any time, giving you the flexibility to be dynamic and react quickly to any seasonal demands or market changes.

There are step-by-step setup guides and training videos in the help section of your SuperControl account, but here’s a quick reminder.

Start days

When you add a property to your account, you simply tick what days you allow people to start a full week stay (click on image to enlarge):

start days

Short breaks

The demand for short breaks continues to grow, especially for guests who leave it until last minute to book. If you decide to Allow short breaks, you then choose how to apply your prices, your start days and length of short stay (e.g. if you allowed Mon-Fri and Fri-Mon see below). You can also determine how many days prior to arrival to allow short break bookings, if you are happy to let guests book up till the day of arrival, just leave this at zero:


Tip: You can set which months to activate short breaks in your Price planner if you don’t want to allow them year-round.

Set your prices

When you have added your property, go to the Price planner to set your weekly and short break prices. It’s straightforward, just choose the date range the price applies then add your weekly price:


Tip: If you ticked ‘use a percentage of the weekly price to calculate short breaks’ (see Short breaks above), the fields for 1-6 nights will populate automatically. You can over-ride these prices here (e.g. if you charge more for a 3 night weekend stay than a 3 night stay midweek).

Options and extras

You add your own options and extras, e.g. cot, highchair, dog, pamper package. Once you have added it by name, you simply allocate the option/extra to the relevant property/ies, add a price and how the option is charged e.g. fixed amount, per person, per week, percentage of rent, per person per night … :


Don’t forget, you can see full step-by-step setup guides and training videos in the Help section of your account:


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