Make the most of custom fields on your booking and enquiry forms

Are you aware of all the benefits of customising your booking and enquiry form fields within your account (Properties > Booking and enquiry form fields)?


Benefits to you

1. It saves you time:

For instance, you could ask: “How would you like the beds configured in the second bedroom (eg double or twin)”? By making this question a custom field in the booking form, this saves you having to contact the guests separately to find out.

2. You can gather extra information from guests and use it to your advantage:

“What are the ages of everyone in the party?” You might need to know this for tax or insurance purposes (eg some properties don’t accept children). Knowing your guests’ ages also enables you to plan your marketing towards them.

3. You can use it for market research:

“What’s the reason for your visit?” Asking this means you can be extra prepared for the guests’ arrival and potentially boost the value of the booking. You can use this information to target them with specific Options & Extras that you offer, for instance (eg a hen party might be interested in spa packages; an anniversary or birthday celebration might mean the guests would like champagne or decorations on arrival etc). If it’s a special occasion, you can also make a note of this in the system and use it to tempt the guests back in the future with a special birthday/anniversary voucher or offer.

If you provide multiple choice answers, then you can collate data and use it to tailor your accommodation better (and boost your bookings)!

4. It’s entirely flexible:

You can add to your questions or tweak them any time you want.

This link provides full instructions for how to set up custom fields within your SuperControl account, but if you have any questions, please email the Support team.