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Can UK Properties Still Capitalise on Summer Bookings? 

19th June 2024

Discover how UK properties can still capitalise on summer bookings in 2024. Learn about booking trends and strategies to maximise your holiday rentals success.


Booking behaviour, Industry forecasts, Latest news, Market intelligence, Self-Catering Resources

Top Trends: Navigating 2024’s Top Holiday Rental Trends: What Self-Caterers Need to Know

22nd January 2024

As 2024 unfolds, the holiday rental market is brimming with new trends and opportunities. For self-caterers, staying ahead means not just understanding these trends but also positioning your properties to…

Booking behaviour, Self-Catering Resources

Warm Up to Winter: Your Guide to Seasonal Bookings

16th November 2023

Winter brings a unique mix of high and low booking periods. To maximise occupancy earnings, it’s time to consider your booking tactics. With Christmas adverts airing before Halloween (it seems…

Booking behaviour, Self-Catering Resources

Using Booking Extras to Craft a Hauntingly Memorable Halloween Guest Experience

19th October 2023

Halloween isn’t just about dressing up and trick-or-treating; it’s an ambiance, a feeling, a unique experience – and for those in the self-catering industry, it’s an un-boo-lievable opportunity. With SuperControl’s…

Booking behaviour, Market intelligence, Self-Catering Resources

Maximising Occupancy in the Era of Last-minute Bookings: A Guide to Lead Times and Channel Management

26th July 2023

The travel and hospitality industry are often riddled with uncertainty. Among the many variables that self-caterers need to consider, lead times—the period between booking and arrival—stand out for their significance.…

Booking behaviour, Self-Catering Resources

Reignite the Booking Spark: Encouraging Rebooking Using SuperControl’s Auto Email Functionality

16th June 2023

When it comes to generating repeat business and fostering direct bookings, the way you engage with your guests post-stay plays a critical role. By leveraging your guest database and SuperControl’s…

Booking behaviour, Self-Catering Resources

SuperControl’s World Tour: Exploring Self-Catering Trends from Around the Globe

17th May 2023

Pack your bags and grab your passport, because SuperControl is taking you on a whirlwind world tour of self-catering trends. From the sun-soaked Mediterranean coastlines to the bustling cities of…

Booking behaviour, Self-Catering Resources, Work Smart

Sizzle Into Summer: Your Essential Self-Catering Peak Season Checklist

19th April 2023

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to gear up for the busy season ahead. To make your self-catering properties shine and create unforgettable experiences for your guests,…

Booking behaviour, Latest news, Self-Catering Resources, Work Smart

Unlocking the Power of Direct Bookings with SuperControl: Tips and Strategies for Success

23rd March 2023

Are you ready to take control of your bookings and increase revenue? Of course you are! Take charge of your business and unlock its full potential with SuperControl. We’re here…

Booking behaviour, Self-Catering Resources, Work Smart

Pausing, planning and preparation: Getting your self-catering business ready for 2023

28th October 2022

Now is the perfect time to pause with purpose. Ahead of the festivities and January bookings, it’s important to assess the lay of the land. What do you want to…

Booking behaviour, Self-Catering Resources

A Guide to Winter Bookings

13th October 2022

With Christmas hustle and bustle around the corner, now is the perfect time to consider winter booking tactics. We understand that the winter season can be uncertain. Summer’s peak is…

Booking behaviour, Self-Catering Resources

Booking Brilliance: How Dynamic Pricing and Upselling Add Value from Pay to Stay

17th August 2022

Melinda Kennedy, Co-Founder and Director of SuperControl, explores avenues to optimise bookings for sustained success. As self-caterers, we’re all striving towards one thing – a fully booked property, but how…

Booking behaviour, Latest news, Self-Catering Resources

Peak Season Booking Behaviour

20th July 2022

Peak season is officially in full swing. Schools are out for summer, staycations are in action, and the warmer weather attracts travellers from near and far. This is a significant…

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