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Can UK Properties Still Capitalise on Summer Bookings? 

19th June 2024

Discover how UK properties can still capitalise on summer bookings in 2024. Learn about booking trends and strategies to maximise your holiday rentals success.


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Understanding New HMRC Reporting Rules: A Guide for Self-Catering Agencies 

10th June 2024

In an era where digital platforms have become the backbone of the gig economy, a new set of reporting rules introduced by HMRC stands to significantly impact UK self-catering agencies.

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Leap Ahead in Guest Communication: 29 Automated Touchpoints with SuperControl

8th February 2024

As we embrace the leap year, an extra day graces our calendars, offering self-caterers a unique opportunity to reflect on and refine their guest communication strategies. In a world where…

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Top Trends: Navigating 2024’s Top Holiday Rental Trends: What Self-Caterers Need to Know

22nd January 2024

As 2024 unfolds, the holiday rental market is brimming with new trends and opportunities. For self-caterers, staying ahead means not just understanding these trends but also positioning your properties to…

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Maximising Occupancy in the Era of Last-minute Bookings: A Guide to Lead Times and Channel Management

26th July 2023

The travel and hospitality industry are often riddled with uncertainty. Among the many variables that self-caterers need to consider, lead times—the period between booking and arrival—stand out for their significance.…

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Understanding Revenue Management

13th October 2022

Revenue management is a term you’ve likely come across during your time as a self-caterer. But what does this mean in reality? And how can you harness the principles of…

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Professionally Priced in 2022

6th December 2021

Robert Kennedy, Co-Founder and Director of SuperControl, takes a deep dive into the world of pricing and explores how revolutionary tools such as dynamic pricing are helping self-caterers to take…

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How to Adapt your Strategy and Tactics to Navigate Government Restrictions

25th October 2020

This article follows the insightful discussion from a webinar hosted by SuperControl for PASC UK and ASSC on 13th October. Guest speakers, industry veteran Richard Vaughton and Phil Beattie, MD…

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Self-catering booking trends through UK lockdown to 26 May 2020

26th May 2020

The data for this analysis are from bookings made in SuperControl Online Booking & Management System from 01/01/2019 to 26/05/2020. The 12,837 UK properties in the analysis were live in…

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Maximizing the value of every booking

20th June 2019

The hospitality world is rife with competition, be it billion-dollar companies or small local businesses. With that in mind, it is increasingly vital that the value of every book is…

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Create top photos to sell your holiday rental

6th June 2019

A few weeks  ago we welcomed Russell Hogg from ACT Studios to SuperControl HQ in south-west Scotland. Emma had some questions, and Russell shared some seriously savvy photography tips to help you showcase your holiday rental and make your self-catering website stand out. Now we're sharing them with you.

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5 easy ways to boost midweek bookings

31st May 2019

If you've got plenty of advance weekend bookings but struggling with midweek nights, we can help.

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Regulation in the self-catering industry: insurance and short-term lets

8th March 2019

Does your holiday let insurance policy cover everything your business needs? We speak to some experts in the industry to find out more.

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